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uninsulated crimping pliers

Uninsulated Open Barrel F Crimp Ratchet Crimping Pliers


Professional uninsulated ratchet crimping pliers suitable for crimping the popular open barrel F crimp terminals. These are often fitted by OEM on car and vehicle wiring looms.

The open barrel F crimp tool terminals have been used for many years on cars and vehicles including Volkswagen, Audi, Volvo, Ford, BMW, General Motors and Land Rover.

Also used on low voltage wiring connections on various domestic and industrial appliances.

Professional non insulated ratchet crimping pliers with hardened steel jaws

Ratchet action assures complete crimping. The tool crimps in two places:

-On to the cable conductor

-On to the insulation, providing strain relief for the cable

Adjustable tensioner.

Three die sizes on the tool which suits conductor cable size:

0.5mm 1.5mm / 22 16 AWG

1.5mm 2.5mm / 16 14 AWG

4.0mm 6.0mm / 12 10 AWG


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