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2mm single core cable

Single Core 17.5 Amp - 2.0mm Cable - All Colours


Single Core Cable 17.5 Amp

28/0.30 Strand - 2.0mm2 Diameter

Colours available - red, black, yellow, red, green, blue, brown, purple and earth.

Item description:

General purpose low voltage wiring cables suitable for use in the automotive, motorcycle, marine and allied industries

Resistant to petrol, diesel, lubricating oils and diluted acids

Suitable for use at temperature up to 70oc

Manufactured in accordance with BS6862 part 1 1971 where applicable

Plain copper conductors to BC6360 PVC insulated

Single Core PVC Auto Cable Specifications:-

Type: General purpose cable

Voltage: 6v, 12v or 24v (maximum loading 52 watts/ 105 watts/ 210 watts)

Number & Diameter of Strands (mm): 28/0.30

Nominal CSA of Core (mm2): 2.00

Nominal Outside Diameter (mm): 3.15

Resistance per meter at 200C (OHMS): 0.0094Approximate continuous current (amps): 17.50

Equivalent American gauge: 14

Typical Application: LT ignition, side/tail light, lamps and accessories, headlamps.


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