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pump up spray bottle

Pump Up Solvent Sprayer 1 Litre


Pump Action Solvent / Brake Cleaner Sprayer - 1 Litre Size

Polyamid pump, giving excellent resistance to solvents
Seals made from Viton, the best overall resistant seal material
Container pressurised by pump action, making it easy to use
Adjustable nozzle, giving a variable spray pattern.

1 litre total capacity
0.75 litre working capacity
Dimensions (approximately): height: 278mm, width: 190mm, container diameter: 98mm
Weight (approximately): 400g.

The Solvent Sprayer can be used for solvents and de-greaser products.

The Solvent Sprayer is made from polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamid, stainless steel and Viton. 

We can advise as to whether our hand sprayers are suitable for use with general chemical components, but recommend you carry out trials to ensure compatibility with your own formulation.


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