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ptfe tape



White PTFE Tape Thread Sealing Tape.

Size: 12mm width x 12m long x 0.075mm thickness

Spec: Made to BS77886 1995 Grade L, EN-751, WRC Approved No. 512527.

This PTFE Teflon pipe joint sealing tape is a non flammable total thread sealant, resistant to all acids, alkalis and solvents.

Suitable for use: with oils, oxygen and hot/cold water; Also approved for portable water.

PTFE tape can be used on all materials, such as: steel, alloys, plastic, brass, ceramics. As well as preventing pressure/ fluid loss it will lubricate the thread on assembly, also this tape will reduce the risk of bi-metal corrosion in threaded structures. E.g. brass screws in aluminium or steel.


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