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euro female airline coupling

Euro Air Line High Flow Female Coupling 1/4" BSP - FMTHFCF


Air line connector high flow coupling with ¼” BSP female thread. 

Euro adaptors and couplings feature a high flow design, this higher flow rate enhances efficiency and performance of air tools and spray guns. The popularity of this air coupling style has made them into a European standard. Extra air flow is particularly helpful when using paint spraying equipment. 

Sizing advice

BSP thread sizes can be confusing; BSP size is not the same size as the physical thread diameter. When measuring BSP male taper threads the measurement should be taken halfway along the length of the thread. BSP female threads are always parallel along the whole length of the thread – see size guide below.

BSP size                 Diameter of thread

¼”           -               13.1mm Approx.

3/8”         -               16.6mm Approx.

½”           -               21.0mm Approx.


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