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copper grease spray

Copper Grease Aerosol 400ml


400ml Cans of Copper Grease Anti Seize Spray

Item Description

Temperature range +1100 degrees

For ease of dismantling suspension, steering, exhaust studs, spark plugs, cylinder head bolts, apply the spray upon assembly

Ideal for marine use

High temperature allows this product to be used on exhausts

Used on the back of alloy wheels to prevent sticking to the hub

Protects metal parts against rust, corrosion, heat, salt water, alkalies and acids.  Prevents seizure of threaded parts, forms protective coating that will not wash off. 

Prevents disc brake squeal - Do not apply to friction material


Ensure surfaces are clean for ease of application. 

Apply to threaded parts, gaskets, spark plugs etc. and high temperature applications.


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