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Blue Heatshrink Solder Splice Butt Connectors

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Blue heatshrink solder butt connectors are a simple and easy way to join cables without the need for crimping, because when they’re shrunk down on to the cable the type of solder butt joiner connector looks very neat, compact and professional.

The heat shrink butt connectors are very easy to use, simply apply a hot air gun to the connector, the solder will melt and flow around and in to the bare cable strands. A moment later the adhesive lining melts and flows around the cable too. The heat shrink tubing sleeve then shrinks down on to the cable insulation.

The result is a fully soldered waterproof joint (to standard IP67) that will provide a long lasting cable termination. These connectors also provide excellent abrasion and stain resistance, the clear tubing allows visual inspection ensuring the cables are inserted in the correct position before heating, soldering and shrinking.

Recommended method of use

Slide the suitable size colour solder butt connector through and along one wire

Strip back the wire insulation on both cables

Make a twist from the bare copper strands of each cable

Pass the solder butt over the central overlap of both cables

Work your heat gun over the middle part of the connector to melt the solder, and then evenly along the entire connector to shrink the heat shrink until fully shrunk down

Allow the connector and cable to fully cool before applying any strain


Connector colour – Blue

Suits cable size 1.5mm – 2.5mm2 (AWG 16 – 14)

Shrink ratio 2 : 1

Insulation – heat shrinkable polyolefin with integrated melt able thermoplastic

Solder – Lead Free Tin

Standards – IP67 Ingress Protection against the effects of immersion in water

Important note

We strongly recommend the use of a hot air heat gun.

Using an open flame is not recommended – it can cause un-even shrinkage and physical damage.