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blue heatshrink female spade

Blue Heatshrink 6.3mm Female Spade and Fully Insulated Terminals


Blue pre-insulated heat shrink 6.3mm push-on female spade terminals and fully insulated terminals.

Suitable for cable sizes – 1.5mm2 – 2.5mm2 (16 - 14 AWG)

Heat shrink crimp terminals are highly suited to wet, damp or high condensation areas

These terminals have a good length of heat shrink insulation. When shrink down on to the cable, they provide extra strength and have excellent abrasion/strain resistance around the cable inlet.

The insulation is heat shrinkable and has a shrink ratio of 3:1


Important information with regards to crimping

The insulation on the heat shrink terminals are a different shape, size and hardness when compared to regular crimp terminals. Therefore you will require the specifically designed ratchet heat shrink crimp terminal pliers to achieve a consistent, solid, reliable crimp connection (also used for heat shrink butt connectors).


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