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number plate fixings

Mixed Number Plate Caps, Screws, 25mm Bolts & Nuts


Mixed colour packs of number plate caps, screws, 25mm bolts & nuts.

40 Pack - 20 screws, 6 black caps, 6 yellow caps, 6 white caps, 2 blue caps, 20 nuts, 6 black bolts, 6 yellow bolts, 6 white bolts, 2 blue bolts

80 Pack - 40 screws, 12 black caps, 12 yellow caps, 12 white caps, 4 blue caps, 40 nuts, 12 black bolts, 12 yellow bolts, 12 white bolts, 4 blue bolts

We supply the trade in bulk with this product, the quality of our number plate bolts and nuts are first class.

Replacing your number plate fixings is a low cost, easy way to brighten up your number plates.

These number plate fixings are used in; caravans, motorhomes, boats, sign mounting/fixing, DIY uses, around the home, plus many other applications.


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