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disposable ear plugs

Disposable Earplugs


Disposable Earplugs packed in pairs.

Item description

High protecting shaped soft smooth foam ear plugs which provide maximum comfort with excellent sound protection . The smooth tapered finish makes fitting easier and helps form a comfortable fit. These ear plugs give evenly distributed pressure, flexibility and a good seal with optimum comfort.

Safety Specification

Inspec international; the worlds leading independent organisation for the testing and certification of personal protective equipment (PPE) have tested these earplugs in accordance with CE EN352-2:1993. These earplugs are found to be in conformity with council directive 89/686/EEC relating to PPE. SNR = 37, M = 34, L = 33.


Noise can be unpleasant, sometimes dangerous, and can cause permanent damage over a period of time, so hearing protection is imperative.

These disposable foam ear plugs are packed in pairs with user instructions on each sealed packet.


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